Friday, February 28, 2014

Las Vegas NV ,28 February 2014 Regentag ,Rainy Day, Funny Gif's

Hi Everybody ! Took allot of Pictures this Afternoon but this is to Funny but I do Love the Gif's We Got plenty of Rain Today we needed it .So Enjoy The Gif's with some Photos 
The Berg's :)

hmmm snow on a rainy day :-) google's Auto Awesome feature in action

Made Photo in Photo Shop

Lazy Day Post

Another lazy post today. The past couple of weekends were busily spent taking photos but today we have a storm front moving in and it looks like cloudy, wet weather in store for us. We need it though, having been in drought mode far too long. But the whole mood is just sort of tired and lazy, soooo I thought I'd post some odds and ends of photos taken the past week or month or whatever. The toys are all posed on the diorama base I made last year. 'Nuff said - Enjoy!


A fun little .gif courtesy of Google's Auto Awesome feature

The toy on the left is a Ferrero Kinder Egg toy space pig.
The toy on the right cam from the UK and the buyer thought it was a Dan Dare offering. I have no clue. Do you?

A Dan Dare Baddie???

Lionel Alien Greets Rocky Jones XV-2

Kinder Egg Space Pig, Marx Astronaut, Rocky Jones XV-2

Marx Astronauts w/XV-2

Kinder Egg Monster Stand-off

Some Flash Gordon

Thursday, February 27, 2014