Saturday, October 31, 2020

My Halloween Spookytown Village and Train Display For 2020

I get so wrapped up in other projects (or life in general) that, unfortunately, holidays come and go with me being absolutely, totally, zero percent prepared for them. Holiday train displays are few and far between, more so since room to make them has simply disappeared for the most part. There's no room in the house so I have to cobble together a display out in The Cave. It's still fun but, like I said, sometimes life happens and I just don't have time. This year I really wanted to do a Halloween display so I set my sights on it early, clearing off my small plot of toy train real estate out in The Cave. I also built another cardboard buildg this year - The Shadybrook Sanitarium - the first one in four years. I like how the display turned out but gosh what can I do to get more room out there for the next display besides bulldoze the joint? LOL Here's some pics from this years Halloween Spookytown Village. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Friday, October 30, 2020

Deadstone Valley by H. Grossman Limited - The Undertaker Pack Pt 4 Magic Dan

Yay! We're there! Our final photo essay on the H. Grossman Limited set of delightfully ghoulish figures for Halloween. Last up is Magic Da. Enjoy! Op Fritz

Magic Dan

Who Tried

To Fly

Waving His


So High