Sunday, November 29, 2020

Vintage Dino Profiles: Marx Stegosaurus

The herbivorous Stegosaurus (meaning: roof lizard) lived during the Middle Jurassic some 155-145mil years ago and would have been contmporary with the likes of Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus, and Ceratosaurus (the latter two may have preyed on it). Fossils have been found in Colorado and Portugal.

Marx's version was one of my favorites as a kid and I still like them. There's a lot going on with this guy with those plates on the back ridge and the spikes on the tail and it looks mennacing for an herbivore. The Marx toy measures 4" (10.16cm) L x 1 3/4" (4.44cm) H. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Ed's Travelogue: A Smokey Day In The Dorms February 1979

Life in the dorms was generally peaceful enough. Yeah we had the Friday/Saturday night booze parties, the stereo's up as loud as you can set them, and of course the cleaning, obligatory inspections, more cleaning, more inspections!  But every now and then we were woken out of our routine by the less-than-routine event - like a fire. Fortunately, this one didn't amount to much but I have the pics to prove that life is not all serene in the dorms! Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Vintage Dino Profiles: Marx Pteranodon

Up next is Marx's Pteranodon (meaning: toothless wing). The fish eating Pteranodon belonged to the genus pterosaur and included some of the largest flying creatures ever to live, with wingspans over 23 feet (7m). Living during the Late Cretaceous, their fossil record is quite prolific and they've been found in modern day Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Alabama and various species are dated from 88-80.5mil years ago. Being pterosaurs, they are not dinosaurs but were rather contemporaries of  dinosaurs. Marx's toy measures 2" (5.08cm) L x 1 1/2" (3.81cm) H. As a kid I thought these were cool but always wanted one in 'flying mode' with wings outstretched. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Friday, November 27, 2020

Ed's Travelogue: Exploring The High Desert February 1979 Pt 2 The Burning Cadillac, Reflections (pics of Lucerne Valley and the San Bernardino Mountains) Redux

Prior to starting my "Travelogue" series back in July, I was posting pics kind of randomly. These photos were part of two separate posts in June. In a nutshell, after driving to Big Bear Lake, I was headed back down and stopped at a scenic overlook when I heard screams. I got in the car and after rounding a bend saw flames. A Cadillac had caught fire and although no one was hurt, the wife was freaking out and screaming.

The second set of photos was taken just a few minutes later when I got down to the valley floor and saw the reflections alongside the road. Enjoy! Opa Fritz