Friday, February 18, 2011

Kellogg's Cereal Premium - 'Kellogg's Fire Dept' Pumper Truck

It's the cold and flu season and I've been kinda been under the weather the last couple of days.  It doesn't seem to matter how many vitamins or supplements I take, I'm just one of those who will catch a cold at least once a year, like it or not.  That being said, before I get too far behind with posting I'll try to keep on track today.  Next week we'll continue with the Marx Paper Village cut-outs.

Today let's go ahead with the third vehicle in our 4-part series of Kellogg's cereal premiums the Kellogg's Fire Dept' Pumper Truck.  This truck strongly resembles the American LaFrance pumper truck.  I have saved many pictures of fire trucks over the years, and while it's not comprehensive, there doesn't appear to be too  much of a change in body styling from the the late 1940s onward.  It could also be a Mack however I don't have enough reference materials to say one way or another.  In any case - Enjoy!