Tuesday, September 15, 2020

LP #901E Men From The Planet Earth First Set Foot On The Moon

Thanx to the packaging on this set, we know there are six sets total in this series. I was lucky enough to get this one many years ago but haven't seen any of the other sets since then. The packaging on this one is a wreck. The previous owner had taken the clear plastic cellophane and taped it onto the front of the box! Okay, I know I should have repositioned it but just haven't had the 'oomph' to mess with it yet - sorry! This set is great in that it has the Disney / Von Braun RM-1 Space Ship - one of my favorites in LP's small space toy line. It also has the small sized 'pointy tube with fins' type space ship, one of the Major Matt Mason sled variants, a terrain piece with satellite dish, and the remants of another piece which I cover at the end of the post. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

There's something broken off of this piece. By looking at the photos on the box back (which aren't that clear BTW) it appears as if there was some kind of ball or globe attached and that these appeared in the other sets as well - but to what purpose!


Monday, September 14, 2020

Ed' Travelogue: Covered Bridge in Cedarburg, Wisconsin July 1978

At the time I made this little jaunt, I was still into HO scale model railroading and thought this would be a great scratch building project, which is why I took photos of some details that the average tourist wouldn't care about. Wellll, that never panned out but I'm glad to have been able to see this old covered bridge. There aren't many left in the country and this was the only left in Wisconsin. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

My feeble attempt at some 'artsy' photo's

LP #704B Space Exploring Set

I have two different #704B sets, each with different figures in them. Randomly placed figures of course was a standard practice and it's interesting to see what came in each set. Yesterday, set # 704A was posted, today #704B and SpaceX central shows a #704C set but to what further extent these sets ranged is unknown at the moment as the two sets shown yesterday and today are all I have in the collection. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Ed' Travelogue: King Richard's Faire, Wisconsin July 1978

King Richard's Faire was one of those faux Middle Ages get togethers full of fun and unusual sights. I had fun there to be sure but my tastes tend to be along more historically represented venues - like Old World Wisconsin. One of the attractions at the faire was the food vendors, and this was the first time I had ever had fried green tomatoes and deep fried Okra - loved 'em both I must say! Also, while I'm a big souvenir hound I didn't buy anything here, perhaps because in another month or so I would be heading off for Air Force basic training. Would I have come back the next year if I'd have stayed put in Wisconsin?? I don't know - but there's a good chance I would have passed it up.  Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Mock sword fight

Hand made ceramic ware for sale


A 'Medieval' band playing modern instruments

Okay, a 'Medieval' knight wearing sunglasses, ummmm oh never mind


Belly dancer

Wandering bagpiper LOL


Merlin looking into his crystal ball to see when Arthur is gonna arrive!
(BTW, Arthur never made it!)

And on that note we leave you!