Saturday, March 28, 2020

TRAIN TIME: The Edge of Town Layout Gets a Makeover - Pt 12 New Vehicles, Another 'New' Buildings, and Scenery Around the Lake

Hmmm, it's been kinda tricky keeping track of where I am on this project so that I can show what's happenin' in chronological order. But let's see: new track, new hill, Plastic Freight depot done, most of the cardstock buildings replaced. Yup we're gettin' there. After many years of collecting I finally started to get in some Prewar Marx stamped steel vehicles. They generally cost far more than I was willing to pay, but of late a bunch have been available for more-or-less reasonable prices. Got lots of stuff done of late. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

The Milk truck is a repaint but very nicely done.

Got in some rolling stock. Of interest were the wreck cranes. The smaller crane with plastic cab looks nice on this small layout but the top of the boom 'taps' the tunnel portal when passing through 

The larger diecast crane has issues with the boom swinging out and knocking stuff over.

More scenery work being done. By this time work around the lake is proceeding. This set from Woodland Scenics has some nice items in it.

This set of O-scale cattails from JTT Scenery is great but the bottoms are pointy. Apparently they were made to stick into holes drilled into the scenery. But here's the rub. My tiny lake (or pond) is a piece of rippled plastic sitting on top a piece of blue cardstock. I know, if I start drilling holes, sawdust will make its way between those two layers and muck everything up. Sooo, I cut off the bottoms of the cattails with a scissors and Super Glued them to the top of the piece of plastic!

I'm okay with this but i'll need more 

The EoT has a new track gang :-)

Sunday, March 22, 2020

TRAIN TIME: The Edge of Town Layout Gets a Makeover - Pt 11 New Buildings, New Hill, Running Trains

Wellll, I'm now in a 'work-from-home' status due to the COVID-19 spread and although I'm at home my overlords expect me to account for my time every day so there is really no extra hobby time to be had. I do a LOT of posting on facebook in mt free time and unfortunately that means the blog has suffered but though all of this I've still managed to work on my small train layout, the Edge of Town.

Here's what's happened since the last update:

The cardstock grocery store has been replaced with a new production (vs. vintage) Plasticville Roadside Stand. Here it is shown assembled but not glued. Also, vehicles are being swapped out as whim dictates just for fun.

Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Pulled out a Marx Commodore Vanderbilt and cars and ran it

I cut two pieces of 2" thick Styrofoam cut into a rough 'L' shape, glued them together and  glued them to the back corner

I bought a second set of rustic fences for the rustic cabin area

There's not much room on the siding. In an attempt to eke out as much space as possible I bought these Atlas bumpers which half the size of the Marx bumper they're replacing

Replaced the cardstock service station with my Littletown station for now. I kept the cardstock sign up for now

Ran more trains

Sunday, March 1, 2020

TRAIN TIME: The Edge of Town Layout Gets a Makeover - Pt 10 Casters, New Buildings, Scenery

I've been getting a lot of work done on my small Edge of Town layout. I put casters on the legs which makes it easier to roll around and do work on - don't know why I didn't do this when the legs were first installed five years ago DOH!

Next the corner hill had a layer of patching plaster applied and, lastest but not leastest, the Plasticville Freight Platform project is 'done'. Wellll, there's a couple more things I'd like to do on it but overall it looks finished. More updates below. Enjoy! Opa Fritz 

Withe the help of my grand daughter the hill now looks like a proper hill

Friday, February 21, 2020

TRAIN TIME: The Edge of Town Layout Gets a Makeover - Pt 9 More New Buildings, A Hill, and Running Trains

Hey guys and gals, sorry to be so late in posting again. My habit of procrastinating kicked in again! Actually I've been busy as heck working on my small Edge of Town (EoT) toy train layout but all my updates have been in the various fb groups I'm in and of course Y'allTube :-)  

I've changed the name of this series a little because the EoT makeover isn't 'starting' to get a makeover, it is in full swing. By now I've added another new building, this time a Woodland Scenics Ready Built Rustic Cabin which has a porch light designed for Woodland Scenics Just Plug system but I haven't yet hooked it up. It's beautifully done and adds a lot of charm to this area of the layout. In the past, this area has been home to a K-Line 'L'-shaped Ranch House, Plasticville Log Cabin, and a variety of structures as I would set up the layout in different themes over the years. Over the past several weeks I've been running different train sets an swapping out vehicles at whim - you know, just having fun!

One of the goals of this rejuvenation project was to add a little more scenery. To that end I started by cutting two pieces of 2" thick Styrofoam into a rough 'L' shape - a bit over sized for the area it was to go on -  then glued them together. Once dry, I whittled the assembly down to fit the space and glued them to the layout top.

Enjoy! Opa Fritz

I was running a Lionel Iron Horse Freight Set No. 6-11703 for about a week...

Then I ran this Lionel Santa Fe Freight Set #6-11900 for another week...

...the started running a Marx Steam Freight Set, No. 4355/1 for another week...

Here's the hill glued to the layout top. It needs a bit more work :-)