Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kellogg's UK Paper Village Pt 3 - Village Church

We're continuing our coverage of the Kellogg's UK Paper Village. This was a cereal premium, available to Kellogg's customers in the UK, which one had to send in for, however I have no particulars as to the original price. The Village consisted of three sheets of heavy cardstock on which were printed nine buildings. Each  sheet folded out into five 'pages' and all the building parts were die-punched so all one needed to do was carefully separate the building from the surround and assemble. As my set is still original and un-punched on the sheets, I'll be presenting the first, then second, and finally the third sheet working my way from the far left page to the far right page on each sheet. Today is sheet 1 page 3 and begins the artwork for the Church. The previous two blog entries featured the artwork for JS Winch and Sons Filling Station. As the artwork for these buildings is spread out over several pages JS Winch and Sons, featured in the previous two entries, will be continued in the next installments. Everybody Enjoy it The Berg's :)