Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 Batman The Brave and The Bold Set #1: Batman, The Penguin, & Batmobile

Today we start another new Batman related series here at Toys & Stuff. This is the most recent McDonald's "Batman The Brave and The Bold" set #1 featuring Batman, The Penguin, and the Batmobile, all of course based on Cartoon Networks television cartoon of the same name. I've been  doing a little research - eBay :-) - and it appears that McDonald's has been offering Batman related toys since the early '90s. It also appears as if there's not a whole heck of a lot of different sets. What this means for the cost conscious collector on a budget is that one could conceivably acquire a complete McDonald's collection without necessarily laying out a lot of money and it also wouldn't take up a whole lot of room. 

The figures in this series are nicely sculpted, although they lack in the fancy features of more expensive toys sold individually. All the figures in this Brave and Bold series stand about 2" tall (5.1cm) and are made of a somewhat pliable soft plastic. None of them have articulated joints and there are no 'special' features. They are nice, small, toy figures of popular comic book characters. The Batmobile's wheels are molded into the body  but it does roll through the expedient of two rollers placed underneath the chassis. I did have one note of disappointment in today's set. The Batman figure cannot stand up on his own. His feet are so crookedly molded that he simply will not stand up on his own and had to be braced on something in order for me to take these photos. Perhaps I'll order another one to see if this is perhaps a recurring issue. Until Then - Enjoy!


The Penguin

The Batmobile