Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playmates - #66008 Creatures of Skull Island

Today Toys & Stuff features another set in Playmates line of  licensed 'King Kong' movie tie-ins, the Creatures of Skull Island. This is the only set which doesn't include a Kong figure, having instead three fictional creatures:

- Arachno-Claw: an oversized spider like critter
- Celocimex: a mosquito too big for just one can of Raid to take care of
- Scorpio-Pede: a scorpion-like creature on steroids!

The set also includes two Skull Island Natives and one explorer. Each of the creatures has some menacing feature. The Arachno-Claw's head is supposed to thrust out menacingly by pushing the wings on its back, but in point of fact it only protrudes perhaps 1/8". The Celocimex's tail is designed to hold the included figures as its prey. The Scorpio-Pede has the best action. By pushing a lever on its underside, the two claws clamp together. Overall this is a pretty nifty set and it's good to see something other than Kong, because quite frankly, if you buy all the sets in the series, you'll have ended up with a veritable Kong family! Enjoy!

The entire set: 3 Critters, 3 Hapless Victims
Notice the Celocimex holding the Native in its tail