Saturday, July 21, 2012

Royal Mail Post Card: Fly Around The Universe in Fireball XL5

Our second in the Royal Mail tribute to the genius of Gerry Anderson is this dramatic three-quarter rear view shot of the Fireball XL5 spaceship in black and white. These post cards are all reproductions of postage stamps issued by Royal Mail last year and are a terrific addition to any Gerry Anderson collection. The world of Gerry Anderson was quite extensive and his design team really came up with some beautifully executed hardware. I do remember watching Fireball XL5 which came out in 1962 and aired on NBC on Saturday mornings. Those who grew up in the '50s & '60s here Stateside remember Saturday mornings as kiddie time. Cartoons, Westerns, Charlie Chan detective movies, Commando Cody serial re-runs, and much, much more vied for our attention from 6AM to well into the afternoon time. What a wonderful time to grow up. For this reason I was never a regular viewer of Fireball XL5 as there were just too many shows to choose from. Still, today when I read about it or watch clips of it on YouTube, the characters all come back to life for me. Let's hope these cards bring back some memories for you. Enjoy!