Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pete's Dragon - Elliott

In Asian lore dragon's are good luck, while further west in Europe they're often portrayed as evil, flamethrowing, princess slaying ravagers of villages and livestock. And then there's Elliott, the animated star of Disney's 1977 hit movie 'Pete's Dragon'. 'Pete's Dragon' was mostly a live action movie with Elliott being animated and was the first movie Disney recorded in Dolby Stereo. The movie also starred Helen Reddy, Micky Rooney, Shelly Winters, and Red Buttons. The song "Candle on the Water", sung by Helen Reddy, received an Academy Award nomination but lost that year to "You Light Up My Life" from the film of the same name.
Our adorable dragon figure for this month during the Year of The Dragon, is a hard plastic offering measuring approx 3 3/4" (9.5cm) H and when you push up on a button located on Elliott's neck, his mouth opens and a small tongue of flame pops out. Having bought the toy loose I don't have the original packaging so am not sure who made it but I'm guessing it may have been something offered in The Disney Store, as the only clue is 'Disney' under the base of the figure. So, from the playfull side of dragons - Enjoy!