Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mattel Hot Wheels Space Series #1 Advanced Communication Vehicle

Toys & Stuff has been showing a fair amount of space cars of late and for the next few weeks we'll be presenting this series of Mattel Hot Wheels space vehicles from 1996. I came across these while doing eBay searches and at first it surprised me that Hot Wheels had any space related stuff - although Mattel of course is no stranger to space toys - but I s'pose it would be natural because after all, if it runs on four wheels, it's fair game for the Hot Wheels line. From what I can tell there are no other series of space vehicles in the Hot Wheels line-up. There seems to be multiple color variations for this set from what I've seen on eBay but I don't think I'm gonna track down all the different colors being satisfied with the set I have now. These little gems fit into that class of collectibles that a lot of people out there can empathise with - small and cheap! You shouldn't have to pay more than about $5 or $6, new on card, for each vehicle and they don't take up a lot of shelf space.
The first in our line-up has one heck of a long name: Mattel Hot Wheels Space Series #1 Collector #388 Item #15228 Radar Ranger. What a mouthful! As I was looking on the packaging it surprised me as to how different numbers are assigned to this - a tad bit of overkill I must say. I like the outlines of this vehicle and the revolving radar dish is a nice touch. It's interesting to note that the phrase 'Hot Wheels Space Administration' or 'HWSA' is in the same font type as the 'National Aeronautics and Space Administration' or 'NASA'. Enjoy!