Friday, August 30, 2013

Innovative Time Corp Flintstones Battery Operated Alarm Clock

Now here's a cool Flintstones gadget I wish I would have had as a kid, the battery operated alarm clock from Innovative Time Corp. There was a battery operated version as well as a wind-up version both dating from about 1992 - probably to ride the crest of popularity ushered in by 'The Flintstones' live action movie. The clock case is hard plastic but the ringer, clapper, and hands are metal. The center picture features Fred's Flivver with Fred taking Barney and Bamm-Bamm for a ride. Dino of course has to hitch a ride. The clapper has a Stone Age bird applique. The second 'hand' is actually a clear plastic disc with a Pterodactyl cartoon picture applied which appears as if it's flying around the perimeter as the seconds tick by. Enjoy!

Notice the Pterodactyl second hand buzzing around the perimeter. The hour and minute hands are designed to look like clubs.