Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013_09_08 Moon - Venus Planetary Meet-up

"A planetary meet-up will create a potentially dazzling celestial display this evening (Sept. 8), a cosmic show involving the two brightest objects in the nighttime sky: Venus and the moon."

...and we were lucky enough to capture it. It's been cloudy and rainy all week but this afternoon the skies cleared some and stayed that way into the evening.  As luck would have it the clouds rolled in again and we could see lightning over the Spring Mountains in the west but not before Bettina managed to get some shots off. The Moon-Venus meet was really terrific and the two were very bright in the sky.

Low fog bank - a taste of what it was like earlier today

Bettina trained the camera down and photographed the dandelion however she never realized there was a critter buzzing about it!

Even the birds are weather watching

I haven't posted any Big Sky pics for a week. Here's a few to catch-up on. From yesterday 7 Sep 2013 taken by Bettina

The Stratosphere from our house 

Taken 5 Sep 2013 by Bettina

From 5 Sep 2013. Taken by Shelly