Saturday, September 7, 2013

Arden Toys of Argentina Avion Laser Spaceship

Today we have a really interesting spaceship from Argentina! It's from Arden and is the Avion Laser Spaceship with friction motor and missile firing action. This is definitely a big break from what I'm used to blogging - classic sci-fi ships of the '30 -'50s - and has a very '70s-'80s look to it with all those angular facets, swept back wings, and low profile fuselage. It's a hybrid of tin-litho and plastic with nice detailing all along the fuselage. The wingtips have integral missile launching pods into which a small red soft plastic missile is inserted and twisted so as to let the protruding nub lock it in place. A simple twist of the nub and the spring loaded missile flies on to its target. The ship measures 6 1/2" (16.5cm) L x 7" (17.8cm) wingspan x 2" (5.1cm) H. The ship comes on a blister card and as the plastic blister was in rough shape I carefully pried open the staples and removed the blister and the ship. The corrugated cardboard backing card has some really nice artwork and so I decided to use Photoshop to clean up the creases, scratches, staple holes, etc. and present it here. I also had a little fun putting the spaceship to use in flying a mission. Enjoy!

The original art cleaned up in Photoshop

The same except that the bottom has been cropped

Unfortunately the original image is so large (50.5MB) that I couldn't upload it so this is a compressed file. The instructions and company label have been Photoshopped out to extend the original artwork downward. I hope I've been able to convey the spirit of the original artwork in a respectful way.