Monday, April 28, 2014

Accurate Set No. 3202 Union Infantry

For many years I was really into the hobby shop scene, spending many a Saturday boppin' around from one to the other, checkin' out the cool new stuff, and looking for the latest magazines. And so in lies the source for many of the Civil War figure sets we've been featuring here on Toys and Stuff. I have also picked up the odd book or two on the subject and have used the Web to fill in gaps to the collection but basically, the greater bulk of the collection is years old. Today's Accurate set No. 3202 Union Infantry (20 figures in 10 poses) is one of those picked up in a hobby shop who knows how long ago. I would pick up sets from various manufacturers just to see what the detail was like with each and also with an eye for perhaps painting them. However, my eyes have gotten to the point where painting them might not be possible any more. perhaps one day I'll give it a shot. In the meantime, Enjoy!

Officer Standing

Flag Bearer
Of all the flag bearers I've seen, this one is probably the most imaginatively designed. The flag is quite large and it appears as if the wind has caught it and covered the bearer like a blanket!

Standing at Attention, Left Shoulder Arms

One of the neat things about having these figures is looking at the various details included in the sculpting. The tin cup hanging from his belt caught my eye with this guy

Standing with Rifle At Ease

Standing Firing Rifle

Standing Loading Rifle

Standing, Shot

Walking Wounded

Standing Firing Pistol

Kneeling Firing Rifle
This figure is wearing a great coat

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