Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Americana ACW Set #98505 Blue - Grey Action Pack

Here's a set from Americana that I can only assume was an early offering from them, the Blue - Grey (spelled with an 'e') Action Pack. The figures are only 2" (51mm) tall which make them a good size fit alongside those from Magic (Hingfat).There are twelve rather crude figures in eleven poses. Several of these are clearly of Marx ancestry but their 'bloodline' has definitely been diluted in the copying process. Even though these are smaller I can still see several of the poses being usable in a 54mm diorama, after all not everyone is the same size and there were many children involved in the conflict. Here in 2014 we have such tender sensibilities about everything youth related but when I was growing up in the '50s I can vividly remember the Disney movie "Johnny Shiloh', featuring favorite child star Kevin Corcoran. It was the Disney version of a true story about a kid serving as a drummer boy during one of the Civil War's bloodiest battles - The Battle of Shiloh.  

The packaging says 'Blue - Grey' but what you get is gray. Are we to assume that those figures with kepis are Union and those having wide-brimmed hats are Confederate? In any case, today's Americana offerings are in full 54mm scale, are clearly blue and gray, and the sculpts far better to those in this set. Enjoy!

General, Standing

Officer, Advancing w/Drawn Sword

Standing, Pistol Drawn

Advancing, Rifle at Side

Kneeling, Firing Rifle

Standing, Loading Rifle

Prone, Loading Rifle

Standing, Waving Rifle and Shouting

Standing, w/Cannon Swab


Water Boy

A comparison pic of Marx (L), Americana (M), and Magic (Hingfat) (R)

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