Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hasbro 2009 #C-3138A Transformers Scout Class - Hubcap

Earlier this week I blogged a really cheap Transformer-ish space robot I got in a post-Easter sale. Well today we're gonna feature an actual Transformers toy, Hubcap by Hasbro. Based on the wildly popular Saturday morning cartoon, Transformers was one of those shows that came along too late for me to get into when I was growing up. By the time shows like Transformers and Speed Racer had hit the airwaves back in the '60s, my tastes in cartoons, and their subsequent line of toys, had already pretty much been set in stone and I was also slowly growing out of the cartoon phase of my life. 

The show (and line of toys) was given a big boost in visibility and popularity with the advent of the first live action movie by Michael Bay back in 2007 and by this time toys were back in my life as collectibles and curiosities.  Even though I don't consider myself a true Transformers fan, I bought Hubcap for two reasons: All folded up he's nearly a perfect 1/43 scale, making him look right at home on my train layout; and he's cool! The retro auto look is great and when fully deployed he just looks so neat - perfect for the person who likes sci-fi and trains. Being unfamiliar with the pantheon of Transformers characters, I assume by reading the reverse of the card that Hubcap is one of the good guys. That works for me! Never having had a Transformers toy before, one of the things that really impressed me was the ingenious way the toy makers were able to 'fold-in' a giant robot into a somewhat non-nondescript vehicle. Fascinating! The photos shown here today were taken some time before I started the blog and doesn't include the 'full suite' that normally accompanies the posts but they still show just how imaginative the toy makers art can be. Enjoy!

A comparison shot:Corgi 1930s Batmobile (L), Hubcap (M), Marx sports car (R)

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