Friday, May 2, 2014

Imex Set #706 Confederate Infantry

The next group of American Civil War figures we're going to look at is from Imex, set #706 Confederate Infantry containing eighteen figures in twelve poses. These figures rank up there with the best. When you compare these to the likes of the Armies in Plastic set featured just two days ago you can see these are for the collector/dioramist. The finely molded details like the rifles may not survive long under rough kiddie play. I especially like the painting guide printed on the box bottom. Gosh, one of thes days I'm gonna have to try painting at least one of figures! we shall see, we shall see....Enjoy!

Officer Drawing Sword

Flag Bearer

Standing Firing

Advancing Rifle at Side

Standing Bayoneting

Standing Loading Rifle

Standing Yelling and Pointing Pistol

Wounded Waving Rifle in Air

Walking Casually

Kneeling Firing Rifle

Kneeling Rifle Across Chest


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