Monday, May 12, 2014

Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A. #2946 U.S. Confederate Infantry Soldiers Set

A good option for the dioramist who doesn't want to ruin original Marx soldiers by painting or converting are the repos. Marx repos are made by a variety of companies but perhaps it is the Mexican companies, which continued production after the demise of the parent company, that have some of the most interesting sets. Here on Toys and Stuff we've already covered a couple of the Untouchables sets made by Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A and with our attention focused lately on American Civil it's appropriate we take a look at one of their header bag sets. The composition of the set is really quite diverse and you get:

1 Destroyed mansion
4 Split rail fence sections
1 Non-firing cannon
1 Sprue of cannon shells
1 Saddle
9 Confederates in 6 poses
10 Union in 8 poses

You'll notice there are Union soldiers included despite the set's name "Confederate Soldiers Set" and there were 27 pieces vs. 25 in my bag but that's quite common with header bag sets regardless of company. The plastics used by Mexican firms tend towards the brittle and while all of the pieces are molded in what would otherwise be termed 'soft plastic' (SP) there are breakage problems. The mansion, which Marx originally molded in hard plastic (HP), is done in SP and exhibits warping and breakage - a big chunk of the side wall was loose in the bag. Several soldiers suffered damage as well which you'll see in the photos. Most of the damage happened before the pieces entered the bag otherwise the broken pieces would have been inside the bag and I could perhaps have repaired them. Enjoy!

The cardboard header was held on by 10 staples!!
I guess they didn't want anyone to open the bag huh?

Original Marx cannons were HP and included metal firing pins. Repos are soft plastic with no firing pin.

The cannon shells can still be used as pieces within a diorama.


Flag Bearer

Kneeling Firing Rifle

Laying Down, Wounded

Marching Right Shoulder Arms

Running with Rifle at Side

Yelling with Rifle Held High


 Flag Bearer

Kneeling Firing Rifle

Marching Right Shoulder Arms

Standing Firing Rifle

Standing Wounded

Unintended casualties

Standing Loading Rifle

Standing Waving Sword

Yelling with Rifle Held High
I cut the rifle butt off of the figure so he looks like he's just waving a fist. I guess he'll have to scrounge a firearm from the field of battle!

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