Friday, October 17, 2014

Trip to Sparks, Nevada - Pt 3 For Train Lovers

We rolled into Sparks about 1130AM and checked into our hotel, the JA Nugget Casino Resort. Sparks, NV abuts Reno - there is no breathing space between the two - they meld into one sprawling mountain community. Our hotel is adjacent to the railroad yards and our room on the 19th floor was perfectly situated to see them. For non-train types this could be a bummer but for Bettina and myself the view was just fine.We actually did not play tourist while in Sparks. Bettina didn't feel like going into Reno and we spent the time either resting or with our friends. The whole purpose of the trip was to pick up the rocking cradle from them and we spent a lot of time with Ron and Sue and their son Adam. But we did manage to grab a few shots of the action down in the yards. So, for you train folks here we go. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Bettina's one concession to taking a picture of the hotel - only because the sign has 'PONDEROSA' and 'BONANZA' on it LOL 

(we live in Vegas - none of these hotels are anything special - have we become jaded or what?)

We did get a few shots of the city

The room was situated just right that if you craned your neck you see the street  on the other side of the casino

To The Trains...

I caught an AMTRAK passenger train! We don't have AMTRAK service in Vegas so we never get to see passenger trains

...and she did manage to get a couple of airplane shots

On Victorian Ave, the street directly north of the hotel, is a nice little Victorian themed shopping/cinema center

little story: at one time in our history, clocks like these could be seen all over the country. The last one I remember seeing was in Milwaukee - an actual vintage street clock. Apparently there's been a resurgence in popularity because we saw several street clocks on our trip.

Next time we leave Sparks and head on down to Carson City.

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