Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nellis AFB Aviation Nation Air Show 2014 - Pt 2

Air Shows cane be exasperating. You want to get photos of all the cool airplanes on static display while at the same time the flight demonstrations are roaring overhead and you want to watch and take pictures as well. Bettina and I both were out there with our Flintstones* camera's just snapping away and we still didn't get it all LOL

Today we'll post more static display photos as well as some of those action shots that make up the more dramatic moments of the air show. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

*'Flintstones' camera's because they were so slow to react it was like there was a little bird inside chipping away at a stone tablet to get our pictures!

Heritage Flight

The opening ceremonies include what's called a Heritage Flight, a mix of old and new aircraft doing fly-by's. Normally it's a great photo op but we had just gotten in the gates, and while walking the grounds were trying to take in all the displays plus trying to catch some the action overhead. The result was we only got shots of a couple of the aircraft landing. Oh well. These same birds would participate in other displays throughout the day.

The planes come in from the south (our right as we face the runway), land and taxi to the north where they then turn around, then taxi south to their parking spots on the ramp.

It is now in its parking spot

Aerial Demonstration by ?

Bettina only got a few shots of this action before we got distracted :-)

WWII Demonstration: Mock Bomb Run

The C-4,  Expeditor AT-6 Texan, B-25 Mitchell, and Mitsubishi Zero take off for their demonstration.
(We didn't get shots of the C-45 taking off)

The base newspaper, the Bullseye, acts as a free souvenir program for the air show, yet there is practically nothing written about the vintage warbirds appearing in the show. As I was taking photos and trying to listen to the narrator over the loudspeaker I did catch that this WWII era Mitsubishi Zero was recovered in New Guinea back in the '90s and took many years to restore to flying condition. It is only one of five flyable Zero's in the world.

Static Displays

We'll leave you for today with a couple of static displays







To Be Continued

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