Saturday, January 31, 2015

Archer 1st Series Spacemen 'Men of Tomorrow' - Pt 1

I've wanted to hit the vintage spacemen this year and got a small start this past December when we did finally post a few vintage Premier Plastics spacemen (with more to follow - I hope). Now I believe we can get a fair start on this and we'll do that with the spacemen from Archer Plastics. 

Toys and Stuff featured Archer's space cars in February 2014 but they weren't in the space toy makin' business for very long. However, from 1952 to ca1956 they pumped out millions of figures, their first being the Men of Tomorrow. This first series consisted of seven 4" figures in bronze, silver, green, and purple metallic hard plastic. The seven poses are:

Walking holding rifle
Holding portable force field generator
Rifle at ready
Throwing grenade
Ray gun at ready

All the details like weapons, oxygen tanks, and hoses were molded into the figures but they did originally come with separate clear plastic helmets which shrunk over time and if the helmet was kept on the figure, made it impossible to take off. When new, the figures only cost 10 cents and were sold as bin toys or included in a variety of sets. 

We're goin' to post a figure a week - that'll help me get ready for upcoming posts. While I do have all seven poses, I don't have all four colors for all seven poses - that's goin' to take quite some time IF I decide to try and get them all :-) So let's get started. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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