Sunday, February 8, 2015

USA Toy Soldiers 24pc Artillery Set 54mm - Pt 1

Last year we hit the American Civil War toys kind of hot-&-heavy and then just sort of petered out. Subject burn-out or perhaps just an innate restlessness always causes subject drift at the drop of a hat. Well, today I was going through my photo albums and came upon this set meant to have been posted months ago but never was. It's actually a terrific modern era set distributed by some company called 'USA Toy Soldiers'. I haven't a clue who's behind this but the the header bag uses cloned Americana artwork yet none of the set pieces are in any Americana set I've yet to discover.That being said, this is the only 54mm set I'm aware of which concentrates on the poses one would associate with an artillery battery and two different types of artillery are included: a cannon and a howitzer, both of which have variations not found elsewhere. The set itself consists of:

4 cannons
4 mortars
4 cannonball piles
6 Confederates & 6 Union in identical poses

all cast in a soft vinyl plastic. The USA Toy Soldiers cannon has a shorter barrel and the muzzle is non-flared as compared to the Americana version. The mortar rests on a stalwart frame. Both are non-operating. Photos between USA Toy Soldiers, Americana, and Marx are shown for comparison. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

(L) USA Toy Soldiers (R) Americana
The USA Toy Soldiers cannon has a shorter barrel, no flare at the muzzle, and the trail has the prolong hooks and prolong detail missing from the Americana 

(L) USA Toy Soldiers (M) Americana (R) Marx

(L) USA Toys Soldiers (R) Marx)

Siege Mortar

As I was looking through the Internet I didn't see any photos of mounts quite like this one, but then there's a gazillion images out there and maybe I missed it.

(L) USA Toy Soldiers (M & R) Marx

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