Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada European Starling

Las Vegas, Nevada 6 May 2015 European Starling Everybody Enjoy Photos by Bettina Greetings from Fritz  OPA & OMA Berg :)


  1. Nice to know they range so far! When we moved here in 1980, there was a great chattering cloud of them hopping the fences and hedges and treating the whole street as one playground, but as it got 'gentrified' in the '80's and '90's plastic sofit replaced the old wooden boards, airy attics were converted into 'home offices' and chimneys got re-pointed until they'd all dispersed, there are none here now...but where Mimi lives they still have a few and I enjoy seeing them when I'm over there! Fun birds and they're oil-on-water coloured...bargain!

    1. Hello Hugh! Howz life in the Isles? Yes, we do see the Starlings but only seasonally like the Brown-headed Cowbirds, or Red-wing Blackbirds. I've seen videos of the Starlings swarming and that must be a sight to see. Bettina has gotten some really good shots last year of the Starlings and they're really a striking bird. Our every day run-of-the-mill birds here in Da Hood are Pigeons, Doves, Grackles, Finches, and Sparrows.