Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Las Vegas,NV 2 January 2016 Female Grackle,Great tailed Grackle & European Starling,Redwing Black Bird

Enjoy The Photos Las Vegas,NV 2 January 2016 Photos by Bettina Berg  Greetings Opa Fritz & Oma Bettina :)


  1. Beautiful pictures Bettina! You really have the eye for bird photography. I've never seen or heard of a Grackle before and they're certainly not in the UK. Lovely stiff and what a bird-magnet your garden is!

    1. Bettina says, "Vielen Dank Woodsy!". We see them around Nellis all the time but thought they were just a regular blackbird until we did our research. Turns out they're about as common as Pigeons and found throughout North America. Bettina and I both enjoy them, they're a beautiful majestic looking bird.