Monday, April 11, 2016

Milka, Die zarteste Vesuchung: Elicor 1932 Ford Milka Delivery Van

„Milka, Die zarteste Vesuchung, seit es Schokolade gibt"

The jingle which states Milka is the sweetest temptation since the beginning of chocolate (along with its trademark purple cow) was the slogan used from 1973 - 2011 and the one which I remember from my time spent in Good Ol' Deutschland in the '80s. It's one of those treats I thought would be missed after coming back Stateside but lo-and-behold it's widely available here - at Wal-Mart!

First produced by the Swiss firm of Suchard, which became Switzerland's first international brand, in 1901, 'Milka' had for more than 100 years been primarily produced in Lörrach, Germany. In 1970 Suchard merged with Tobler to become Interfood whiched then merged with Jacobs Coffee Company in 1982 (the year I landed overseas) to become Jacob Suchard. In 1990 Kraft acquired the company only to become Mondelēz International in 2012.

Milka remains one of my favorite chocolates and we usually have a few bars in the house at any given time. Finding this 1932 Ford delivery van at a train show back in the '90s was also a treat because it was a reminder of this sweet treat. It's a 1/43 scale die cast rendition of the popular Ford van and the French toy firm of Elicor produced this van in a wide variety of markings. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

The van came with an illustrated mini-catalog of Elicor die cast vehicles

The van is a nice cream color which was hard for me to capture using the wide background. Perhaps one day I'll re-shoot it with a different color backdrop.

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