Monday, November 14, 2016

2016-11-12 Nellis Aviation Nation - Bettina Pt 2

Yesterday I wuz in a, well, not a terribly good mood and ranted and raved about Nikon quality. I wuz wrong. It appears there's a two-position switch on the side of the lens which, placed in 'T' mode will cause the camera to automatically start up in full telephoto mode!! We never even noticed that switch! Damn! Sorry Nikon, but hey when I'm wrong, I'm wrong and will fess up to it. HOWEVER, the L22 died before it should have so I'm still P/O'd about that!

Here's Part 2 of Bettina's pics. Not much venting this time - just Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

This year there was only one B-24 Mitchell bomber, a departure from earlier years when there would be at least two or more.

A PB4Y Privateer. I've never seen this type of plane in person before. Essentially the Privateer was a B-24 Liberator modified for sea patrol duty. I love it!

An F-4 Phantom going through its paces.

Military patrol dogs became stars of the show as show visitors gathered around them

OV-22 Ospreys are cool to watch in action and it's always a treat to get up close to these

One of the aircraft used to fight forest fires by dropping chemicals/water

A Ch-47 Chinook

A Russian Hind Helicopter. the frontal shots didn't turn out well

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