Sunday, October 24, 2010

Corgi #77314 1950s DC Comics Batmobile

I got to thinking about where I wanted this blog to go or maybe just make it a tad less helter-skelter.  Then, thoughts being what they are and fleeting from one thing to the next, I got to thinking about what Sunday's were like as a kid: going to Church, Mom putting something in the slow roaster (usually a beef roast, pork roast, or chicken); the awesome Sunday dinners that followed, playing, watching TV, or kicking back enjoying a comic book or at least reading the Sunday funnies.  Let's see, there was Lil Abner, Beetle Bailey, Prince Valiant, Peanuts, The Family Circle, Steve Canyon and more of course.  Then I started wondering how I could tie-in my little collection with Sunday's and actually it wasn't too difficult.  I believe Sundays will be for anything comical or related to comics in some way,shape, or form.  At least until the toys run out, then I'll either have to buy more or change direction :-)  OK, let's begin with one of the excellent Batman related vehicles that Corgi introduced back in 2004.  Corgi, a British firm out of Leicester, England is  noted  for a long running line of terrific die-cast vehicles.  (Visit them at  )  This particular Corgi series chronicle's the various cars driven by either Batman or his foes as seen in DC Comics from the 1930's to 2000.  They're 1/43 scale and each one has some special feature: opening hoods or doors, extending battering rams, etc.  Another interesting feature is on the undercarriage of each vehicle.  There, in relief, is a depiction of the vehicles' driver.  The depiction changes with each decade, just as the comic book hero changed from time to time. Our first offering is the 1950s Batmobile with opening cockpit and an awesome fin!  Enjoy!