Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leapers Replica Half Track

Today we have a Leaper's Replica Half Track.  But first - who the heck is Leaper's?  Obviously, they're the guys who made this but more than that I can't tell you.  Actually, I sold this thing earlier this year and no longer have the box to look at for more information.  But before I sold it I still managed to take a bunch of photos.  It's obvious this really isn't a toy, but rather a collectible, a fairly large display item.   The wheels rotate but the tracks are stationary.  The gun mount rotates but does not elevate.  It's patterned after the M-3 Half Track of World War II fame.  This one was equipped with quad 50cal machine guns for anti-aircraft use.  I'm not sure exactly how to classify these types of collectibles of which there are numerous types; armor, aircraft, autos, trucks, etc.  They're not exact scale replicas but more along the lines of tramp art/folk art/junk art being made from what at first appearance looks like cast-off materials, but the level of detail is impressive.  Again, I'm not sure of the exact terminology.  It is however one big Hunk O' Tin!  It was also a very cool display item that I had in the Man Cave for several years but ultimately needed to make room for other cool stuff.  Enjoy! Bettina & Fritz Opa Oma