Friday, July 8, 2011

Reader's Digest (1999) 1919 Pirsch

It's Fire Engine and Emergency Vehicle Friday! Well, at least for now while I still have a few to offer. For the next few weeks we're goin' to take a look at the remainder of the Reader's Digest series of 1:64th scale die-cast apparatus'. These were offered as premiums by Reader's Digest for those who renewed subscriptions. I honestly don't have a handle on the years they were offered because many of them are dated 1999 but that may just be the copyright year and the toys may have been held back so as to offer them on an annual basis,  but we can pin it down at least to the 1999-2000 time frame. I also don't know exactly how many were in the series. I have seven vehicles and quite frankly haven't yet seen any more offered but will remain on the lookout. These are terrific little vehicles that are great for the collector who simply doesn't have a lot of room or for the operator of American Flyer S-gauge trains. One of the features I like about the series is that the vehicles  are generically lettered 'No. 1 Fire Dept.'. No worries that these will match up with whatever you've named your layout. Enjoy!