Friday, August 12, 2011

Corgi #23008 1:43 Scale Mack Search and Rescue Truck 'Buffalo'

Last week, for Fire Truck and Emergency Friday, we finished our look at Reader's Digest series of 1:64 scale die-cast fire apparatus. There were, to the best of my knowledge, only seven vehicles in that series. Reader's Digest is not a company one would normally not associate with die-cast toys though, so today we feature a company very well known for die-cast vehicles - Corgi. I picked up this 'Buffalo Search and Rescue' Mack truck as an afterthought some months back. I like the Mack styling of the 1920s and of course almost anything fire and rescue is fair game for me. My particular example has a break on the right sign board, which is why I got it cheap :-) Let's just say that it was injured in the line of duty! Enjoy!

Notice the 'BFD' double stamp. I'm surprised this made it past Corgi's quality control.