Monday, August 8, 2011

Marx American Airlines Jetport Hangar

In 1961 Marx started marketing gorgeous Jetport sets. These were huge: The had marvelous tin-litho passenger terminals, tin-litho hangars, and lots of planes, people, and airport paraphernalia. The small tin-litho hangar we featured last week got a small makeover with the addition of a plastic facade. The buyer had to first attach water slide decals lettered for 'American Airways' to the front of the facade and then attach the piece to the front of the hangar. It's very difficult to find facades in decent condition. Often times the 'flags' are broken off, the decals are missing - having dried out and flaked off over time - and the small mounting tabs on the rear are broken off. The hangars make great additions to any airport scene or diorama and are small enough to fit on small 3-rail O-gauge train layouts as a scenic element. Enjoy!