Thursday, November 24, 2011

Built-Rite House No.3 - Built-up

Today Toys & Stuff features the photo work-up for the Built-Rite House No. 3. I have acquired some more Built-Rite buildings and learned something new. I thought that all of their cardboard structures were numbered in sequence but that the public buildings had a "56-" prefix. WRONG! I now have a Built-Rite No.2 (which is a house) AND a Built-Rite #56-2 (which is the School). I have a No. 5 (a house) and a #56-5 (Fire Station). This means there were two separate numbering systems in play! All the buildings are in scale with one another so I have absolutely no idea why they felt it necessary to have two separate numbering systems. Just one more thing for us collectors to contend with! Enjoy!