Friday, November 25, 2011

Marx Take-a-part Firetruck

Today on Fire Engine and Emergency Vehicle Friday, Toys & Stuff looks at the Marx Take-a-part Firetruck. In 1953 Marx began offering a series of hard plastic take-a-part vehicles. Unlike typical plastic model kits which are meant to be assembled only once, these could be disassembled if done carefully enough. One of the vehicles offered was this small Firetruck (Marx's spelling) and is a very difficult item to find in any shape. Mine is missing a couple of pieces like the windshield and ladders. There is one rather odd feature of this truck. Each of the vehicles include a removable engine which can be seen by lifting the hood. However the Firetruck's engine is completely hidden from view when it is all assembled! The photos for today's blog were taken a couple of years ago and I didn't take as many then as I do now. But this weekend is Thanksgiving weekend here in the States and quite frankly, I just wasn't in the mood to take any more photos! It's a nice toy from what used to be the world's largest toy company. Enjoy!