Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Japan - Mfr Unk Tin-litho USAF Rescue Sikorsky UH-19B 'Chickasaw'

Today on Toys & Stuff we bring yet another nifty - and large tin-litho helicopter from The Age of Tin. It is a Sikorsky UH-19B 'Chickasaw' helicopter with U.S. Air Force rescue markings. The Chickasaw entered operations in 1950 for the Army and was chosen for Air Force use in 1951 for rescue operations and was the primary medical evacuation helicopter for the USAF during the Korean War. 

This toy is exciting in that unlike so many tin litho aircraft made during the The Age of Tin, the helicopter itself is not a made-up fantasy toy but based on a real world aircraft. It's markings are also decently accurate for a toy from that period and although there are makers marks on the fuselage, unfortunately I don't know which Japanese toy company they belong to. It's fairly large having an 11" L fuselage and is 5" H. There are two pilots behind the cockpit window glazing and it does work - sort of. My example may have been repaired as the wire is real stiff and looks fairly new. There must be a loose connection somewhere as it moves erratically in circles depending on how you hold the control/battery box. It's a terrific example from The Age of Tin - Enjoy!