Thursday, February 16, 2012

Built-Rite House No. 1 - Scans

Well, this is the last house from Built-Rite that we'll be featuring - House No. 1. We still have the railroad station to cover after this but that will conclude our look of the buildings from the 1930s series of buildings. There is a 'business block' which resembles a big city block of offices and apartments but my sample is incomplete so we're not likely to get a glimpse of that for awhile because a complete sample in good shape is quite costly and above my current budget. I believe there were  other series  from Built-Rite in the 1940s & '50s but I know nothing about them and so won't be covered here (unless of course I come across some and purchase them - cheap! LOL). As usual we present the scans first followed next week by the photo layout. Enjoy!

The walls are one piece and required two scans in order to fit on the scanner

 Left front

Right front

Left back

 Right back