Monday, September 3, 2012

Marx Super Circus - Pt 3

Two weeks ago today Toys & Stuff started a new mini-series based on one of the best playsets ever produced by Marx - Super Circus. Based on a popular television show of the 1950s this playset was BIG. It had action, it had gorgeous tin-litho pieces, and it had charm aplenty. Part 1 of the series, Aug 20, 2012 (Super Circus Pt 1), featured photos of the Big Top Tent. Last Monday, Aug 27, 2012 (Super Circus Pt 2) we featured the sideshow tents along with a quick overview of side shows in general. Today we're going to list the set contents and show photos of the People Group. The People Group of figures has two sub-categories: Circus Staff (performers and other circus personnel), and Civilians (a policeman and customers, aka 'rubes'). Enjoy!
Super Circus Contents
- Big Top, Tin Litho: 3pieces, roof and two sides
- Side Shows, Tin Litho: 2 each with different sideshow graphics
- ‘Super Circus’ flags: 2 each
- Character Figure: Ringmaster Claude Kirshner
- Character Figure: Mary Hartline
- Character Figure: Cliffy the Clown
- Character Figure: Nickie the Clown
- Character Figure: Scampy the Clown
- Clowns, various poses: 4 each
- Juggler
- Man on Stilts
- Sword Swallower
- Barker
- Ringmaster
- Female Midget
- Male Midget
- Lion Tamer, male
- Fire Eater
- Horse Handler, female
- Trapeze Artist, female  (The Flying Hartzells?)
- Trapeze Artist, male  (The Flying Hartzells?)
- High wire Artists: 2 each different poses
- Highdiver, female
- Miscellaneous performer, female
- Hula Dancer
- Ballerina
- Snake Charmer
- Fat Lady
- Siamese Twins
- Water Boy
- Balloon Vendor
- Popcorn Vendor
- Bare Back Rider (for horse), female
- Little boy sneaking into tent
- Cop with hand on boys shoulder
- Mother holding daughter by hand
- Father holding son by hand
- Female Elephant Rider
- Elephants walking: 2 each same pose
- Elephant sitting
- Lions: 2 each same pose
- Bear, adult: 2 each different poses
- Bear cub
- Costumed dogs 4 each different poses (one dog used for riding barrel)
- Gorilla
- Monkees: 7 each (5 different poses and one monkey in costume)
- Seal balancing ball on nose
- Giraffe, adult
- Giraffe, baby
- Camel
- Tiger
- Leopard
- Zebra
- Alligator
- Bison
- Howdah (elephant saddle)
- Poles for ‘Super Circus’ flags: 2 each
- Circus act rings: 2 each
- High wire ascent ladders: 2 each
- High diver pole
- Monkey Bars: 3-piece set (2 vertical ladders and 1 horizontal rungs)
- Barker Stand
- Barker Stand Umbrella
- Fire ring
- Bucket
- Stools, round: 2 each
- Pedestals, square, short: 2 each
- Pedestals, square, medium: 2 each
- Pedestal, square, tall: 1 each
- Barrel, narrow (for use with performing dog)
- Barrel, wide in center (for use with juggler)
- Performers Platform (Stage)
- 14” long high wire
- Trapeze support
- Trapeze ring
- Staff for barker stand umbrella
People Photos

The figures were all cast in soft plastic. The above shot shows creamy yellow and gray castings.
Middle row, far left: Ringmaster Claude Kirshner
Middle row, far right: Mary Hartline

Bottom Row: Nicky (left) and 2 each Scampy the Clowns (mid & rt). My set contained a duplicate of Scampy.

Above is a photo of Cliffy which I had to purchase separately and which normally would have been included in the set

One of the nice things about the set was the variety of colors used for the people; from cream to gray to brown it was a nice contrast

If anything can be said to be disappointing about this set it's that there were so few civilians included. It would have been terrific to have a larger audience than what was provided.  I s'pose one can argue that they were all inside the tent watching the show as evident by the interior tent graphics :-)

Hail, hail,the gangs all here.