Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paper Tug

While I work on some other stuff here at the ol' homestead I'm gonna have to make this a rather quick post. One of our reader's, John G., is fan of paper modeling and wargaming. He sent me this nifty little tug boat - and I do mean little. When built up it would only measure a few inches/centimeters in length, just right for wargaming. As the pics are relatively low res, enlarging them will cause the details to get 'fuzzy' - I know, I tried :-)  He also sent me a gaming texture he made which is based on the tug. Not being a wargamer (poor hand/eye corrdination) at first I didn't know what a 'texture' was but apparently it is the details, rendered in 3D, one sees on a game such as buildings, trains, vehicles, planes, boats etc. The textures are then overlaid onto the scenic backgrounds (if anyone has a more accurate definition let me know - that way we'll all increase our overall knowledge). 'Til next time - Enjoy!

Below: The tug boat rendered as a gaming texture