Friday, July 5, 2013

Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A. #5206 Untouchables Set - Pt 4

We continue today with the Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico Untouchables Set bringing for your enjoyment the Saloon Group and Alley Group of accessories. Enjoy!

Saloon Group, 18 pcs
                Banquette Seating, 1, white
                Ping Pong Table, 1, green
                Juke Box, 1, blue
                Bar, 1 red
                Upright Piano, 1, white
                Large Round Table (plain), 1, red
                Small Round Cocktail Table, 1, white
                Dining Table w/Place Settings, 2, blue/white
                Barstools, 2, blue/white
                Armchairs (large), 2, red/yellow
                Dining Chairs, 4, blue/white
                Large Rectangular Table, 1, white (not shown on box photo)

As long as one doesn't look real close at the accessories you can overlook little things like this 'MILK' bar!

That is one rough and tough saloon...or they were trying to throw off the attention of the Feds LOL

Alley Group, 12 pcs:
                Barricades,2 assemblies = 6pcs, blue/white
                Street Signs, 2, blue/white
                Streetlamps w/Callbox, 2, blue/white
                Fire Hydrants, 2, blue/white

The one thing not included in this set is the bent over streetlamp - the one meant to represent a a pole having been run into by a car.