Sunday, November 15, 2015


Okay, this year has not been entirely good for tech stuff here at the 'ol homestead. Among other calamities this year our desktop PC started acting up some weeks back. Fortunately I had backed everything up onto an external hard drive because the ultimate fix for the PC was to wipe the hard drive clean...

...until my granddaughter grabbed the wires of the external hard drive and it came crashing down from a higher shelf of the computer desk and slammed onto the top of the desk (admittedly it was located in a poor spot, one which was only meant to be temporary). Now my external hard drive is kaput!!!!! and along with it nearly all our hobby photos as well as all the digital photos taken during 2005. I had begun to back up the files on Amazon prime but do you realize just how long it takes to back up up four gazillion files? yeah, it takes friggin' forever. I did have a bunch of hobby files on the laptop but essentially I'll be starting from scratch again until the external hard drive can get fixed.

Opa Fritz

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