Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kellogg's Fire House From Engine House Project - Pt 4

Losing our external hard drive with so many of our photos on it was depressing and quite frankly we haven't felt like blogging much. I'm gonna try to get back in the swing of things though. Eventually I'll probably send the hard drive back to the manufacturer to see if they can repair it, but it's no longer under warranty and the holiday season is too close to have to spend money fixing gadgets. That being said not everything is lost and we'll do what we can in the meantime.

I know I promised there would be templates to go along with this Kellogg's Fire Engine project and while I was able to get the photos downloaded to Google, the .PDF file remains tucked away on the broke hard drive. Sorry. So anyway, here at least are photos of the completed project. Enjoy - I hope. Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

You'll notice the walls don't go together well at the top. When the top couple rows of bricks were folded down, and the glue tab then folded up there always seems to be a problem joining those corners together. I've had this same problem on other buildings with similar construction techniques and it's been bothering me. I thought it over and have come to realize that further trimming is needed on those portions of the wall that get folded over. I won't be able to re-assemble this building until I recover the .PDF file though 

Going to the scrap box yielded several detail parts to add a little interest to the wide expanse of roof. An o-gauge diesel horjn was place atop the hose drying tower to act as a siren and was surrounded by lengths of HO scale fencing. The tower top is accessed by an HO scale ladder. A small plastic tube is a vent and a piece of cardboard became the access hatch

The building measures about 7 3/16" square. I could have made a wider building with less depth and five bays but this is what I ended up with for better or worse.


  1. That's worked! looking really nice now, and it shows-off the give-aways really well. It's like one of those photographs with one colour highlighted and the rest black and white, only here it's a full colour scenic and plain red plastic!

    1. Many Thanx Hugh! Overall I do like the results even with a couple of boo-boo's it's, as they say, "good enough for government work" :-)