Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016-11-12 Nellis Aviation Nation - Opa Fritz Pt 1

The air show behind us, I had a couple of lingering questions like, "Just how far did we walk?", and "How many people were there?". Well, I drove along the street paralleling the flightline from our start place to the end of the displays and the car's display read .7mi (1.12km) and the nellis facebook page said an estimated 300,000 people showed up for the event. Wow!

For the next two days I'll be posting the photos I took and we'll see some more vehicles, both vintage and modern, on display at the show. The camera I ended up with was a small (just a tad bigger than a credit card) pocket sized Sony Cybershot camera. It's a very basic camera with an almost non-existent telephoto function (it's so bad you wonder why they even bothered to include it on the camera), but it has a nice panorama function and takes 20mb pics. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Here's the old fart (that would be me) LOL  standing next to the M3 Halftrack. I was surprised at just how small this thing is. In my mind I had always pictured a larger vehicle, but when you're standing right next to it, it looks small and cramped.

I didn't realize until after coming home and downloading the pics why so many appeared skewed or crooked. Apparently with this little camera, one has to hold it steady for a while after clicking the shutter button otherwise, if you move it, it's slow to react and will capture the scene as it appears a second after moving from your position.

This Spitfire didn't fly during the show and wasn't listed as part of an aerial demonstration

We never did get to see this P-38 Lightning fly and it wasn't listed on the itinerary as being part of an aerial demonstration :-(

We never saw the Corsair fly this time either, although in the past they've been part of aerial demonstrations

Over the years I had missed a couple of air shows and maybe this PB4Y Privateer was at one (??) but this year was the first time I'd actually seen one.

Only one B-25 Mitchell bomber made it to this years' show

A P-63 Kingcobra. The last time I saw one of these at the show (many years ago) it was a static display only. This year it took part in the aerial demonstrations

One of my all time favorite Warbirds, the P-40 Warhawk.

I think this is one of the AT-6 Texans modified for the film 'Tora, Tora, Tora' - still, it's a great bird to see

A staple of our air show, this Russian rig spends the year as a static display on base.

There were several modern off-road vehicles displayed throughout the show

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