Tuesday, April 18, 2017

TRAIN TIME: Marx NYC E-7 On The New Layout

Here's a relatively 'new' acquisition to my Marx fleet of engines. I bought two New York Central powered E-7 A units (one 'long' flag and one 'short' flag) several years ago and finally took them out to run last month. I ran the 'long' flag version first - the other one is still sitting on the layout waiting its turn LOL The long flag I refer to is that white wing-looking motif on the nose of the engine just below the engine number. Anywho, the engine has a tab-&-slot (T&S) coupler on the rear of the chassis which means a little work was needed to hook it up to the plastic freight cars I pulled out to run. The engine coupler sits a little bit lower than the auto-tilt couplers on the cars (the auto-tilt couplers have a slot in them allowing them to be hitched to T&S couplers) and had to be bent to accomate a lash-up. The photos show some of the cars I was running this day although not all appear in the video. I had taken several videos during the day of different consists and while all that was going on I also placed my Royal Village paper buildings on the layout and a Built-Rite hangar to showcase a couple of old toy planes. All-in-all just messin' around! :-) Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


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