Saturday, April 15, 2017

Japan - Straco USAF Sikorsky UH-19B 'Chickasaw' Lift-and-Go Tin-litho Helicopter

'Fast and Furious' No, not the movie, but the effort I've been going through of late trying to take and edit photos. As 'me' time presents itself, instead of laying down and taking a break I've been out in The Cave or even outside trying to take photos of toys that have been laying around here for years. Plus I've managed to acquire some cool stuff lately (fortunately at nice, low affordable prices) and get those photographed right away.

Today's featured toy is a nifty little tin-litho helicopter from Straco of Japan which has been sitting on the shelf now for several years. It's a Sikorsky UH-19B 'Chickasaw'. The last 'Chickasaw' we featured was way back on  Feb 5, 2012 Today's toy is a smaller version featuring a wind-up motor that causes the helicopter to roll forward a bit, raise up, make a 90º turn, then repeat the process. Unfortunately my toy worked for like, 10seconds and gave up the ghost! It measures 7" (17.78cm) L x 2 5/8" (6.66cm) W at the wheels / 1 1/4" (3.17cm) W at the widest part of the fuselage x 7"(17.78cm) rotor span x 3 1/8" (7.93cm) H. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina 

The original instruction sheet is printed on very fragile, tissue-like paper

Here it is cleaned up a little

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