Friday, February 17, 2012

Dairy Queen Rock DQ Barney on Bongos & Flintstones DQ Diorama

Today is the last of the Dairy Queen Flintstones premiums from 1998, Barney on Bongos. Each of the four figures has a special feature and having a bongo on either side of him, Barney rocks back-&-forth, left to right, just a bangin' away at those things!

To kind of cap-off the presentation of these four figures, I had made a small diorama. Actually I made it some time ago as a short scene to use in my Flintstones video  ( ), so I guess it's really not a diorama, but it could easily have been made more permanent by gluing everything to a base. Details of the construction are covered below. Enjoy!

The Flintstones Rock DQ Diorama
The various elements are as follows:
- The base is a piece of grass green poster board. 
-The background was originally painted for the the 1/18 scale Flintstones Joyride diorama 
-The scene is flanked by two Marx stone walls
-The trees are aquarium supplies
-The stage is two pieces of  roughly carved Styrofoam, hot-glued together, and simply painted gray - no other detailing was necessary

Here's a wide shot of the scene. 

A tighter shot of the scene.

Stage construction

The rear of the stage is sliced flat allowing it to rest neatly against the backdrop

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