Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Safari Ltd Union Soldiers Collection 1

Here's our first look at Safari Ltd's line of American Civil War Union Soldiers, what they call 'Collection 1'. Like the other two sets we've covered it too contains six pieces made in a flexible vinyl, containing five figures (two of which are duplicates) and a wall section.  The sculpting is very good for inexpensive toy soldiers, the painting is decent, and the poses natural. This set is a little unusual in that there are two distinct poses of the ubiquitous 'Standing Loading Rifle' soldier. There are also two 'bad actors' (soldiers that won't stand upright easily): the Flag Bearer, which was also a problem in the Confederate set, and one of the Standing Loading Rifle poses. Because these have no proper base as is common with other brands, if a particular soldier isn't molded just right they become lopsided and will not stand without glue or other means of support. Enjoy!

Flag Bearer

Kneeling Firing Rifle
Notice he's shooting uphill
There are two of these figures in the set

Standing Loading Rifle 1sp Pose

You can plainly see how lopsided he is making this figure very hard to pose. I stood him, and the Flag Bearer, on a small platform held at an extreme angle in order to get these shots.

Standing Loading Rifle 2nd Pose

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