Thursday, April 24, 2014

Safari Ltd Union Soldiers Collection 2

This set brings us to a close in regards to Safari Ltd Civil war toys. To the best of my knowledge they have four sets of figures, a tent, and a bridge and with today's post we'll have covered them all. Enjoy!

Officer Mounted with Drawn Sword
This horse is in anything but an action pose. In fact he looks totally disinterested in what's going on. The officer could be part of an artillery battery and is ready to give the order to "Fire", or...?

Standing Firing rifle

Kneeling Firing Rifle 2nd Pose
The Kneeling Firing Rifle pose in Collection 1 is clearly pointing his weapon upwards, while this soldier is pointing his weapon straight

Standing with Cannon Swab

Howitzer or Mountain Howitzer

Howitzer and 'Swabbie'

Here he is with an Americana cannon