Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Safari Ltd Confederate Soldiers Collection 2

We're gonna take a quick look at another set of painted Civil War figures from Safari, the Safari Ltd Confederate Soldiers Collection 2. As with the other sets this one too has six pieces in a flexible vinyl; 4 figures, 1 horse, and 1 howitzer. Enjoy!

Officer with Pistol, Mounted

Advancing with Rifle at Side

Standing Loading Rifle

Standing with Cannon Swab

No, this is not prop for the movie "Honey, I Shrunk The Cannon". At first glance one would perhaps think that Safari wanted to save money by making a dinky little cannon, but in fact small artillery pieces like this were not uncommon during the Civil War and were classed as either Howitzers or Mountain Howitzers. They could be disassembled and hauled into rough, mountainous terrain using mules.

This photo was taken after the war and is titled "A post of mountain howitzers that saw war service"
One can plainly see the small size of these pieces.

Library of Congress

"Richmond, Virginia. Confederate brass mountain howitzers"

Library of Congress


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