Friday, November 14, 2014

Diecast F-16 USAF Thunderbird (China)

I guess you could call the title of this post "Nellis AFB Aviation Nation Air Show 2014 - Pt 5" as it's the postscript to last week's visit to the Nellis Aviation Nation Air Show. I don't generally buy souvenirs at air shows because they're pretty pricey. As a matter-of-fact, everything is pricey and plan on spending on average about $5/drink and $10/meal-snack. In principle I'm not against that because a good deal of the proceeds goes back to community non-profit organizations. But I imagine it can be rough on families with thirsty and hungry kids. We simply plan around that by eating a good breakfast and holding out as long as we can during the day with eating and drinking, buying a meal as a last resort. Although it is important to stay hydrated during the long day's walking. At this air show they do allow you to bring in bottled water as long as it's not in a glass bottle. Other food and drink is prohibited.

In the past I've only picked up a few souvenir unit coins but this year decided to buy a toy. What the heck, why not. This nice diecast USAF F-16 Thunderbird set us back $12 - okay, it won't break the bank. While not the most accurate of F-16 representations it'll fit in just fine with my aircraft collection and I do like the size at 8" (20.3cm) L x 5 1/4" (13.3cm) wingspan x 2 1/2" (6.4cm) H and it has a pull-back friction motor. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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