Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hasbro 'Fearless Fireman' Game

Today I've got a ton of pictures and scans for your enjoyment.  Our pick is Hasbro's 'Fearless Fireman' game from 1957.  It's actually a hybrid toy: kids could play the game of fireman, spinning the wheel and taking turns  OR use the pieces as a stand alone toy making up the rules as they go along.  Unfortunately I don't have the original box nor all the figures, but there's enough presented here to give you a real good idea.  Also, I have included high res scans of the building pieces for use as project material.  The tabs and slots were all edited out of the scans and by printing these out on self-adhesive backed photo paper, you can then mount them to either foam core board or cardboard and make your own building!  The set comes with three bright red, hard plastic fire engines and a multitude of brightly colored firemen and civilians, also in hard plastic.  The ends of the figures outstretched arms fit into holes in the back of the firemen and slots on the feet allow the figures to be posed either in the open windows or on the rungs of the fire engine ladders.  In the photos you'll notice a gray fire engine and some cream colored firemen.  These are from Marx and, for our Marx collecting friends, were included in the photo to help show size comparisons.  This building would also look great on a 3-rail O-gauge toy train layout and I've included photos showing it in place on my home layout.  Enjoy!